The creation of Happy Handmade

I was given the opportunity, at a young age, to travel the world. I found myself enamored with the indigenous cultures that I encountered, and intrigued with their nature-based approaches to health, beauty, and body care.

Often I would play by the river with the kids, and watch their moms use the  different colored clays for everything from bee stings to facials.   

The wonderful cultures in which I found myself immersed, used the simplest of methods with profound results. Learning hands-on approaches to harmonize, nourish, and heal the body has been an extraordinary gift in my life. 

When I returned stateside and realized how disconnected society had become from nature, and how complicated and adulterated even “natural” products had gotten, I felt compelled to make a difference.

By including flower essences, gem essences, and essential oils in these products, they work not only on the physical, but become multi-layered health and beauty solutions. 

It is my dream that Happy Handmade be a resource for harmonizing your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Happy handmade products are made by hand, from scratch, using simple organic ingredients in the Pacific Northwest.

We believe in the inter-connectedness of the Body, Mind. Spirit and the Earth. We practice this in our product line by using sea salt, clay, and essential oils, as well as other naturally derived ingredients.

Our goal is to help you find a simply pure product, while enhancing feelings of confidence and beauty… naturally.

So dive in and find your Happy place!

Thank you!

Morgan Magras

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