The Healing Power of Flower Essences.


Why We Use Flower Essences in Our Products, and How They Benefit You.

By Morgan Magras

Flower Essences are not medicines in the ordinary sense. They are vibrational, not chemical in nature, and are part of a larger category of healing known as Energy or Vibrational Medicine. Flower Essences are a natural and unique form of Energy Medicine that have exceptional healing properties.

Flower Essences work on a quantum level, through the body’s innumerable networks of energy systems, to revitalize and balance the Life Force. That Life Force is the underlying process responsible for maintaining health and wellness in both humans and animals on every level. 

Although the deep healing properties of plants have been recorded since ancient times, the modern use of Flower Essences began in the early 1930’s through the discoveries and extensive research of English medical doctor Dr. Edward Bach.

Each product we makes has a combination of flower essences working synergistically to bring the body’s mental, emotional, spiritual & physical elements into equilibrium. I believe in the interconnectedness of the Body, Mind, and Sprint, and that true health comes when those three things are balanced. I foresee a great future for the exploration of the many applications for flower essences.

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